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Free Delivery

Free Delivery

We understand you have a significant event that is about to happen. So, this is why it is important for us to tell you some of the things about our business that may impact your final decisions on your budget and time you have set aside to deliver a festive endeavor.

Free Delivery within a 50 mile radius.

Patio PartyYes, even with the fuel prices still sailing, we try to offer free delivery. Keep in mind, 50 miles is just an estimate – we work with our clients and their budget to try to be fair because we understand the pressure behind the celebrating moments.

We need to find out more about your event. We want to first start with location. Then we need to lock down a date and a time. The further advanced notice we have, the more successful we all will feel about our endeavor. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we can not pull something off in a hurry. If we happen to be available, we always do our best to make it worth your guests time and effort.

Then, we will need to know how many guests you plan and if you are planning to feed them. We work well with other planners and have an excellent reputation. If you have ideas, we also try to fulfill them. It is also fine if you are depending on us to create a theme. We can work together to make the event flawless.

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