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Many times, our clients are halfway into an idea before they come to us. So, then our challenge is to work with already what’s in place. Typically, what we do is customize to fit their desires. All we ask is to bring us snapshots of what you already have.

Customizing for Certain Environments

Circus Theme for a Ball EventIt is also ideal to have pictures of the location ahead of time. Consider how many guests, what is on the agenda and how your guest might perceive the environment.

Centerpieces, for instance, should be eye catching but not obstruct the view of party guests who converse. Table Linens should hang off the table’s edge, but not below the person’s knees who sits. Tables also need to be arranged so that every sitting guest can see the stage, screen or dance floor.

These are just some of the things we keep in mind when prepping for a big event. If you have one coming and feel overwhelmed, let us help. We are experienced and it is natural for us to consider the significant factors involved when preparing for these types of festivities.

Life is too short not to celebrate nice moments.
Jurgen Klopp